Garden Accessories in India-Online Shopping

Buying gardening stuff online in India can be quite tricky as most of the sellers are ignorant and also there are repeated product lists without any great taste.

If you are a owner of the beautiful garden, adding some garden decor act as an cherry on dessert.  While hunting for decor like international website but not willing to pay custom duty, I actually came across a  website called .

They actually have a built in e-commerce website and also they are selling on E-Commerce.

Here is what they wrote in their about us page- believes that your home and garden should be a true reflection of your personality. And with our huge collection of Garden & Balcony planters, handmade metal planters in the shape of various animals, birds & figurine, beautifully hand painted poly resin planters and ornaments, garden stakes, wind chimes, fountains, one of the largest collection of gnomes, lovely angels & cherubs, candle holders, tissue boxes, wall clocks, hooks, flower vase, buckets, hanging decor, bird feeders, bird houses, solar lights we have something for everyone!

I am not sure about there credibility but surely thinks they are worth try through 

Some of my Favourite Articles from there range-

Wonderland Metal Boy Push Cart Pot For Home , Garden Decor

Wonderland Metal Boy Push Cart Pot For Home , Garden Decor

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Wonderland Smiley with Specs Pot / Planter for your home , garden or gifting



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Wonderland Single 2 Feet Long Railing Planters / Pots For Balcony & Garden(Taupe)


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Wonderland Big Pink GIRL ON BIKE with Two Pots Metal Planter / Pot for Home & Garden Decor



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Wonderland 2.8 Ft Metal Big Garden Bee With Pot / Planter for garden & home decor or gift



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5 Plants that Purify Air

Indoor Gardening Guide


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Indoor Gardening guide-Where to Start?

Indoor Gardening Guide

Indoor Gardening guide-Where to Start?

Since you are reading this article, we are sure you are getting your hands on where to start for making a wonderful indoor gardening. So, here we present you Indoor Gardening Guide where we will cover all the essentials that you would like to know to getting started.

While Gardening is passion for many ,love for others, it is also the need of our environment keeping in mind all the damage we are doing to environment through pollution and other ways.

Indoor Gardening Guide is your guide to getting started quickly for your garden.

Since, It is indoor as the name suggest , you have to first select a perfect location for your Garden.


First Step in Planning your Indoor Garden is to Select what is the best location for plants in your house. It all depends on your choice and availability of Space in your House.

You can utilise space in your backdoors, balcony or even Kitchen. Alternatively you can just make your mini garden in your room or window shelves.


Based on the location You have selected, now you require to choose the plants.

Since plants are all different and unique just like humans, every plant has its own requirement. It is good if you go through details of what plants comes in preference and how much care you can take of it.  Also, You need to see if the plant is adaptable to the location you have selected.

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Garden Equipment choice also depends on the size of your garden. However you should have basic equipments like pots,shovel,potting soil,trovel,hoe and digging fork.

The larger your garden is, the more tools you will require.


Since now you have selected what is your locations, what plants you are planing and have made the list of Garden equipments, now all you need is to understand water and sunlight requirement of your plants.


Now that your personal garden is ready, you need to take proper care of it. Add fertilisers time to time.

and yea! Keep that grass and weed away!

Happy Gardening


5 Must-have Plants for your Healthy Home~Garden Decor

With the increasing use of Home appliances like Air conditioners,Refrigerators,Generators and other environment-harming technology, the rate of pollution is increasing. These appliances emits the very dangerous gas called Carbon Monoxide which is very harmful for human health.

Since, these are used in our own houses, we have no escape to it. Metropolitan cities that has small houses and too much population, the situation is even worse.

The only solution to this is to plant more and more trees that are our only source of protection and better health. We spend thousand and lacs of rupees on health appliances, machines, doctors, health bands etc however if we take proper care of our surrounding and living area, we can make build better air around us.

Today in Luxe Life, we present you 5 such Miracle Plants that not only add to beauty of you home but also are specialized to clean your house.


1-Spider Plant : Spider Plants are easily grown Plants and great for beginners. It is know to remove the pollutants called formaldehyde and xylene. They are super easy to grow and required indirect bright sunlight. You can keep them in your balcony or near windows .

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Spider Plant with Pot for your home

2- Peace Lily– One must be just impressed by its looks and choose to keep it in there homes but the air purifying qualities are a great bonus too. It is know to clean Ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and Trichloroethylene . They can live with little shade of sun and  require limited amount of water.

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3- Aloe Vera Plant : 

while Aloe Vera is a topic in itself and almost everyone know the benefit of this plant be it in medicines or skincare. It is great in purifying air also and is easy to keep and maintain indoors.It is know to remove pollutant formaldehyde .


Buy Aloe vera

4-Garden Mums  :

Garden Mums are yellow flower plants that are know to remove the most number of pollutants including ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene . They are benefit plus beauty plants and are good for garden decor in India as well.

Buy Garden Mum Seeds to grow

5- Dracaena

These are known to remove pollutants-benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and xylene . These are easy to grow and can be kept inside your home or offices.

Note: Cats and Dogs might be allergic to these .

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