Cozy Winter decors for your Home

Winters have finally arrived and guess what this time sooner in India. I mean its just November and i already need a cozy blanket and cute sweaters.. Since i feel cold so, do my house.. haha just kiddin but why not let our homes also feel cozy and warm. So on Luxe Life today we bring you today’s post -Cozy Winter decors for your Home .

Here are some cool ideas for you to get your home get that perfect winter look.


1- Changing the Colors-

When summers is all about vivid and bright colors.. winters gives a chance to play around warn and dark colors. Colors of your walls and accessories matters a lot and there are too many options you can use to play around colors for your Home.

White, black, navy blue, red and shocking pink are try out for this winters. 

Pro tip: White works in all seasons…

Try out fun with colors, click here



2-Time to Change those curtains-

Curtains can change the whole look of how your home looks. While solid colors are always in, try out warn and cozy prints.


3-Area rug & carpets-

Invest in some good quality carpets and the change can be incredible..

Here are some designs that i loved and you might like too —


4-Warm with Candles & Accents-

Nice candle holders with Nice accent table can go hand in hand for whole winters…


5- Change Mood with Scents-

While nature gives you roses in winters, you can add scents or burn some aroma oils to gives cozy pleasant smell to your living area.



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