Furniture Ideas for Small spaces| Apartments, Flats,Small houses

Furniture Ideas for Small spaces | Apartments, Flats,Small houses

I am working on Home improvements and decors recently so, I got to search what would be the best furniture for a small space that helps in your interior décor as well as utility.

For me, an ideal furniture is cool looking plus functional. If you also have same taste, check out my list for furniture ideas and buy links in case you decide to buy one for yourself.

1- Bean Bags-

Bean bags are chairs filled with beans or similar material. These are available in various shapes in the market and you have to purchase beans separately to fill in.

These are a great buy for small spaces as you can easily shifts with your rooms and living area as per your requirement as compared to the wooden heavy tables.

Select the size as per your requirement. If you want me to cover a detail topic on this, let me know in the comments.

Some great buys here-

1- Bean Bag sofa by Vsk without beans XXL size

2-Digital Printed Bean Sofa by ORKA filled with beans

3-Bean Bag by Sattva without Beans

To Buy Beans to fill your bags, Click here


2-Stools With Storage options

Stools are great to use as your mini chair, table, portable, and alternative to chairs. Stools with Storage is an great add on and are great for small areas where is always shortage of storage areas.

Some great Buys here-

1-Storage Stool by KK Home Furnishings

2-Foldable Stool with storage by UberLyfe 

3-Printed Multi-Utility Stool by SLYTEK



Lamps are great buys for small spaces to brighten up home and give a luxurious look to your houses.

Some great lamps here-

1-Wall lamps by Craftter

2-Tiffany lamp by Glitz

3-Nutcase Designer Lamps


4-Small tables with Nested Stools-

I think these just must haves for small spaces since these take small spaces and also fulfill the purpose leaving your house looking bigger and better.

There are many options in these too but i just love this styles and choose it to recommend to you people.

Coffee table with Two Stool by AltaVista Perk

Jaipur Living Coffee Table with Four Stools


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