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Organising and Decorating your House can be a hasty and time consuming task until you read our Guide Home Hacks+Decor making Life Easier which is where you are now 🙂

At the end of this post , you would be having so many ideas to easily put an add-on to your house which is decorating and as well as function. If you are regular here, you might be aware that I am big fan of Functional+Decor Furniture.

Interior Design your House yourself now. Read top picks 

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1-  Wall Hanging or Cabinet for Storing Keys


We all know what trouble it can be when you have to go somewhere and you can’t remember where you kept your bike/car keys. You constantly forget where you put your keys, then it is time that you get your house a key storage area.

The wall key organisers are not only functional but a great decor piece as well.

You can grab some on amazon. I personally like this one Regis KeyHold Wall mount wooden key holder.

It is made of wood and has a classy look to it. You can easily put this on your entrance wall and use it for storing your keys.

The other design I like is this one. It has a door to it so, in case you don’t want to show your keys to your guest , go for this one- Key Almira Hanger Holder

hey, I also have an option for your shop or office, grab some hard one here


2- Using your Ironing Board as Table

An Ironing board is an Table that can be adjusted and folded and stored. As the name suggest it is used for ironing your clothes.


Invest in a good looking ironing table and use it alternatively as table when not in use.  Buy one for yourself


3-Hack to Change look of your Sofa

I simply loved this hack and have applied it myself also. Sofa sets are an expensive investment and sometime we just want to change them but hey, you can change the look of your sofa without changing them. Simply get them new legs or colour the legs of the sofa and that will have different look.

You can also play around the furnishing and location of sofa to change the look.


4- Marble Look to your Table

marble look table


Marble is very trendy these days and why not, it looks rich and classy . But buying original Marble table can be costly to you. But You can simply own a marble like looking table with this simple hack.

Just buy yourself a Marble Looking Linen and simply cut and paste to your table and Voila! There you have your marble table.


5-Plant some Indoor Trees

Planting trees is Super affordable, easy, trendy, nature-love and beneficial too.

Indoor plants also require less care and you can have your own indoor garden. You can see more about Indoor plants  or if you are beginner, we have a guide for your for Indoor Planting.


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