Table Lamp Buying Guide- Indian Homes

Lamps are great way to add lighting to your house, not only these act as accent furniture but also are portable and adaptable to you need.

In this article Table Lamp Buying Guide- Indian Homes, we will get you through the tips and advices to choose the right table lamp for your house.

1- Portability : Portability is the moving capacity of an object. You need to decide on if you will need to regularly move your lamps from one place to another or will it be on a constant place.


For more portability , choose a light weight lamp . You can choose from various options available in market.

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2- Home Style: Look around your house, is it more of modern or traditional ? If you have modern home , then choose between from the modern looking lamp with geometric finish that are in trend or basic modern art. If your house in more on the traditional side ,choose a traditional looking lamp. Brass lamps is a good going to traditional rich feel. see our article on 5 Best Brass Lamps available in the market.

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3- Lamp size : Choosing a right size lamp for your place is an interior designer trick as until the lamp is of ideal size, It isn’t gonna look perfect.  See the place where you will be putting the lamp and then decide the size of the lamp.  Another thing is if you are going for a table lamp, make sure the Lamp shade is 50-75% height of the lamp base.

4- Taste & Preferences : Always choose between the decor according to your all time favourite choice as each decor in your house say something about your personality. If you like antiques and you have a variety of antiques in your house, buy a similar lamp.

5- Match with Room :  A matching colour lamp shade with your wall or a contrast will really look and lighten your room. Alternatively you can match with the furniture and other accessories around to give perfect look.

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