MacBook Air Accessories to Buy in 2017 for Trendy Look

In Search of Best accessories out there for my MacBook Air, I got an idea to not why share the list with all of you. Buying an apple product means you are investing a large sum of money on a tech so spending money for its protection is all worth it.So here are some MacBook Air Accessories to buy in 2017 for Trendy look.


1- Skins & Decals-

Skin and Decals are cool way to decorate, personalise and as well as protect your laptops.

There is a wide variety of skins available out there to buy in the market.

Here are some of the ones that I really like and would be buying one of them for myself as well.




This one comes for overall protection. It has a cover for front , back and keyboard area as well. Currently being sold on amazon for INR 799 with free delivery. Buy here



This skin by theskinmantra look super cool and is only for INR . 499  . buy here


2- Laptop Sleeves


Laptop sleeves are an alternative to laptop bags. Since there are no laptop bags for MacBook which I think there should be. Laptop sleeves are must have to keep it protected.



Until you are really into personalising and colouring things, go for this one by AMAZON BASICS . Buy here

I also like this one . It is quite basic yet unique. Check here


3- External Hard drives

There is very limited space on MacBooks and most of the time they can’t be upgraded. Still you can purchase external drives to keep your data and keep the data that you regularly use on your Mac.

This also helps in boosting performance since you have sufficient space on your laptop.

Checkout this BestSelling 1 Tb Hard Drive Seagate storage drive for MacBooks



While it is super convenient and pleasure to use the touchpad available on MacBooks but for long hour working , your finger might start complaining and crying, so there comes the Magic Mouse to your finger pain rescue.

Buy Logitech Mouse at INR 729 only 


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