MacBook Air from Flipkart shopping experience

Buying an Expensive tech or accessory from Online Commerce site in India can be  nerve hacking  and sometimes your money can go into waste. It is very easy for seller to claim something online and then send a totally different items. Many of you might connect with this.

So, after all the risk I finally gain strength to order a Mac from Flipkart. After a wide research on which Mac would be perfect and after actually analysing the product at Apple Store, I choose to go with the MacBook Air which fairly price then its successors and is okay for my daily working .

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I was seeing Macs for about 3 months before I finally decide to invest into it. Also, Since my window pc was working super fine, it was always two sided mind but anyway that is a old thing now.

Lets get into the review straight for What is MacBook Air from Flipkart Shopping experience was like.

Seller Research

Since Flipkart is a Marketplace same as like (Read Review on Shopping experience) , 

there are a number of sellers on it and for any listing there are many seller for a same product. Selecting the Seller can be a tricky task. It is to be kept in mind that you must read carefully reviews about the seller service. You can do that by clicking on seller name.

After Careful observation , I chose Retail Net and surprisingly upon my research, RetailNet on Flipkart was a Flipkart own Seller account so, that was the first thing I got confident about to order.

Checking Delivery options:

Secondly there was two day delivery which was like crazy and I was like I know they cannot deliver to my pin code in two days because no one does lol!

But they did which was big Hurray moment for me and I was happy to get proved wrong. here is the screenshot of delivery proof(location removed for personal reasons).

Check before Ordering what are the delivery options to your location and what courier charges different sellers are charging.

Here is the Picture of how the packing was , sorry I didn’t took the picture of Flipkart box out of excitement :p

Payment option

If there is an COD availability to your location, I would highly recommend you to go with COD for high value items that really reduce your risk.

I choose to prepaid the order but that was because no COD was available in my area.



If you are looking for Apple Products, You can confidently buy with confidence from Flipkart and hey, here is the bonus Flipkart is the authorised reseller of Apple products. You can also check this from 


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