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Which MacBook is right for you?

If you are thinking of switching from a Windows based Laptop or PC to a Mac, It is tough and at the same time a exciting decision too. Switching to an Apple Device be it iPhone, iPad or Mac, you are guaranteed quality and performance however, it is essential that you identify which device is perfect for you since it is a no easy investment until you are super rich off course !

so, we bring you the  MacBook Guide|MacBook Air,Macbook Pro,Macbook to decide between the available devices in the market.


Identify What you are going to do with your Mac ?  Here is the quick list for your help-

Editing Pictures-Professional Level

Editing Videos- Professional level

School projects, Taking to school daily

Powerpoint Presentations-High end office 

Coding- You are going to be an engineer?

Making &Testing softwares 

Just Surfing net - Watching videos, chatting,social media,Shopping

Entrepreneur -Basic working with Ms Office, Commerce

Playing Games

Once you identify your use, you can check easily identify which Mac is for you based on the below given information about each Mac –

Macbook –

Portability – This device is super light weighing at 0.92 kgthat means it is super portable.

Price:  INR 1,04,800

Performance : Better than most window pc and laptops. You can blindly trust apple for this.

Screen : 12 inch

Finish Available- Gold,Rose Gold,Silver,Gray

Trackpad- Forced

Our Recommendation :  MacBook is over prices.These are powerful and has amazing battery backup of 10 hours. Not recommended for students unless you can afford to invest on this off course!  Highly recommended for people always on the move but have need powerful machine for there tasks like architecture, engineers, doctors.




MacBook Air


Portability – This device is light weighing at 1.35 kg  & BEAUTIFUL – sorry can’t resist saying this is beautiful. I have seen all Macs but I just fall for this one after seeing this. You might like to read my experience of buying it online.

MacBook Air Buying Online on Flipkart experience

Price:  INR 77,200 , Get this on discount on amazon

MacBook Air buy from Amazon at INR 59,500

Performance : Not very good but pretty good for the price.

Screen : 13.3 inch

Finish Available- Silver

Trackpad: Multi Touch

Our Recommendation :  MacBook Air is highly recommended for basic working, net surfing , people who don’t need much power but want to own a decent looking laptop with normal functionality.


MacBook Pro


MacBook Pro has two versions 13″ & 15″ . Both versions have two types – TouchPad and Non-TouchPad.

Touchpad is a Retina Glass Strip that increase the functionality of device.

Portability – MacBook  Pro 13″ is a portable device weighing at 1.37 kg-If you can increase your budget than you can go for MacBook Pro as well. It is not bad choice either .

MacBook Pro 15″ is not that portable but off course it is powerful and aimed at power using people who are found in offices and studios :p

Price:  Starting from INR 104,900

Performance :  Very High, Can handle major task of coding, softwares,  editing, etc

Screen : 13.3 inch , 15″

Finish Available- Silver, Space Grey(recommended)

Trackpad: Multi Touch

Our Recommendation :  MacBook Pro as the name suggest is pro and target at Computer Pros.

You might checkout old version of MacBook Pro for getting at a lower price.

Tip: Don’t Buy Mac for Gaming. They sucks!

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